Work Description of Section and Sub-sections

  1. Administration, Policy planning and Monitoring supremacy
  • To complete Human Resource Development (HRD) related tasks.
  • Nomination to participate in the study, training, study tours, meeting conferences, seminars etc. will be conducted in and outside the country.
  • To complete internal administration tasks.
  • Implementing relevant guidelines related to government policy and economic discipline related to financial administration received in the ministry and to implement and implement implementation and circulating and maintaining records in bodies.
  • Working with financial administration will be represented as per the requirement in the ministry under the ministry and requirements.
  • Providing the administration of employees under the supermarkets and other daily administrative works.
  • To submit the periodic and annual policy program for regional development policy and program, direct the department and institution / committee / project under submission.
  • To prepare an annual annual program organized by evaluating the forecast for details, programs and budget from the concerned bodies, evaluating, assessing, and meeting the requirements, according to the requirements.
  • To make and accept annual programs by coordinating and coordinating with the National Planning Commission and the Ministry of Finance.
  • To assist and monitor the planning, policy and program related to the ministry and implementation.
    See technical topics and technical support programs.
  • Implementation of immediate action plan, MTEF formulation, training, preparation of performance indicators and implementing issues.
  • Announcement of Annual Programs and Magazines
    To do other jobs prescribed by the ministry.

2. Supply management supermarket

  • Monitoring, supplying regular supplies of essential items.
  • Regarding regular monitoring of the work of the government owned institutions, the committees, establishments and companies under the ministry, to provide regular monitoring.
  • Supply of information related to collecting supplies and magazines.
  • To coordinate between various bodies for tenancy market management.
  • Instructions will be given to the cost analysis of the essential essential items required to be supplied, market value as well as imported items.
  • To provide accurate details of the essential items in different areas, to collect and update.
  • Directing the arrangements for the storage of storage of essential items, including national policy according to national policy.
  • To ensure continuous supply of essential items, distribution, storage and transportation system will be given to provide necessary arrangements for the right and public supply supply for information.
  • To do all the tasks necessary for the Ministry of Institutes concerned with the supply of supplies.
  • Directing the price of essential items that will be selling freight in the market (including India and the International Markets), to make a collection and update.
  • Working cost analysis of essential essential items to be supplied, market value as well as imported items including imported items.
  • Directing and analysis of internal and external market value, giving directions to the value forecast.
  • To provide accurate details of the essential items in different areas and to keep updating instructions.
  • Working with Central Supply Committee, Consumer Interest Committee.
  • Implementation and regulation of supply policy, sleep.
  • Contact and coordinate with the private and non-governmental organizations concerned.
  • Regarding the board of directors and companies of the Committee and the appointment of the General Assembly under the Ministry of Supply.


Branch information

A) Administration branch

  • To complete the work of Employee Administration of employees working in the ministry under the ministry.
    Human Resources Development (HRD) related tasks.
  • Working related care, care, purchases, auction, etc.
  • Working related to the activities and conditions of the physical resources of the entire body under the Ministry, to provide inspection, reporting, and directing instructions.
    Working closely with the various supermarkets and departments under the ministry as per the requirement.
    Nomination to participate in the study, training, study tours, conference conferences, Gothi etc., which will be conducted in and outside of the country.
    Doing internal administration tasks.
    Other works will be done by the Ministry to edit the ministry and other branches.
    Doing tasks as specified by the Good Governance Act.
    The intermediate body should be working as a focal point to make changes from the ministry including complaint management.
    To implement decisions made by the Secretary meeting.
    The work of the old goods in the office will be operational.
    B) Economic Administration Branch

Budget subtitles no Record of extract and expenditure under 3300133, 3300134, 3301063, 3301064.
Budget subtitles no 330153, 330154 and 3301033 will be given the request of the concerned bodies according to the decision.
Preparing the budget to spend budget.
Worker’s comments, comments, letter writing, registering, running and keeping records related to the financial administration branch of the ministry.
Provision of salary and allowance distribution and staff deposits, civil investment fund on the general side of the ministry