About Ministry

Nepal’s constitution has aimed at establishing a welfare state. In addition, there has been provision of principles and policies of fundamental rights and states for the economic and social prosperity of the citizens. In section 35 of the Constitution, the right to health,in section 36, right to food and in section 44 have arranged the right to the consumer. Regarding the promotion and operation of all-round development by regulating the constitution to maintain cleanliness, accountability and competitiveness in all the economic sectors of the state in Section 51 of the Constitution have arranged To distribute available resources and the return of financial development, diversification and expansion of the market; An arrangement has been made to protect the interests of consumers by maintaining business, hygiene, artificial deficiency, and ending the work including competition control, making national economy competitively, by maintaining business hygiene and discipline.

Also, the Ministry of Supplies has set up the division of the Ministry in supply of the Government of Nepal (Work Partition) Schedule 2 in preparation for the formation of the Ministry, as per the provision of monitoring and evaluation monitoring, assessment and evaluation of supply supplies, essential supplies Supply and regulation, supply service public institution, sam To establish, implement, monitor and evaluate the related policies, plans and programs of the establishment, food and other consumables and essential items, related policies, plans and programs, procurement, processing, storage, supply and regulation of petroleum products, protection of the rights of the consumer and rights, syndicate and Control of cartelings and internal market management and promotion and replacement .
According to the decision of the Government of Nepal (Council of Ministers) on 2072.0 909, the Ministry of Commerce and Supplies divided into the Ministry, the organization and management has been formed in relation to the formation of the working ministry separately.